Realism2002 (Tim’s Realism 1.6)


Автор: Tim
Версия: 1.6

Previous Flags from v1.5 Included (Including flags for New Countries)

Country Names Changed:
-Democratic Republic of Vietnam is now Socialist Republic of Vietnam
-Venezuela is now Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
-Russia is now Russian Federation
-United States is now United States of America
-Tanzania is now United Republic of Tanzania
-Syria is now Syrian Arab Republic
-People’s Republic of Korea is now Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
-Republic of Congo is now Republic of the Congo
-Moldova is now Republic of Moldova
-Libya is now Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
-Laos is now Lao People’s Democratic Republic
-Brunei is now Brunei Darussalam
-East Timor is now Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (3-letter code fixed to TMP from TT.)

Fixes from Realism Mod v1.5:
-Language English changed to Legal from Official in United States of America
-Sierra Leone removed from NATO; Slovenia properly added

New Country:
-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
-Includes 5 Political Parties (Republican Turkish Party, National Birth Party, Democratic Party, Patriotic Unity Movement, Our Party)
-Country Abbreviation is TRN
-Under Military Control of Turkey -Turkish made official religion
-Two Treaties: Economic Embargo from Cyprus; Alliance – Turkish Protection of TRNC

-United States now has an active Anti-Missile Defense System

Realism Mod v1.5 Updates:

Game Starts in Year 2002 instead of 2001

Flags updated for:
-East Timor (added gradient to flag image)

Country Names Corrected:
-People’s Republic of Vietnam to Democratic Republic of Vietnam
-Burma to Myanmar
-Byelorussia back to Belarus
-Russian Federation back to Russia
-Emirate of Oman back to Oman
-Federal Republic of Germany back to Germany
-Moldova and Transdneister back to Moldova (Transdneister will be able to be created during game)

Relations Corrected For:

-Members of CSTO (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan)
-Relations between US allies/Iraq corrected so US doesn’t have to go to war with Iraq by itself
-US can now declare war on Iraq with: UK, ROK, Australia, Germany, Poland
-Afghanistan (Relations improved with various countries including the US, UK, and Russia)

Political Parties Added for:
-Afghanistan (5 New Parties with Hamid Karzai’s Independent Party in power)
-Iraq (Military Dictatorship to Start with Ba’ath Party in Power; 4 New Parties for MPD)

New/Updated Treaties:

-Venezuela added to Mercosur; Mercosur changed to Common Market
-NAFTA Added for US/Canada/Mexico (and open to join) as common market
-Austria and Slovakia added to EU

New Alliances:

-US Allies in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, Afghanistan)
-US/Israeli/Jordanian Alliance
-Added new NATO Members: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia
-US-Japan Alliance
-US-Phillipines Alliance
-US-ROK Alliance
-US-Thailand Alliance
-South East Asia Collective Defense (US, France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Phillipines)
-Indo-US-Israeli Alliance

Realism MOD V1:

1. New Country: East Timor (TT) including:
-Correct political parties and percentages
-Correct religions and percentages (added Roman Catholic to region)
-Correct languages and percentages (including new language of Tetum)
-East Timor flag added
2. Political Parties for Russian Federation and United States updated to include correct political parties:
-Green Party and Libertarian party added for United States with 0.5% each.
-Unity changed to United Russia
-Appropriate Percentages and Party Names updated for Russia political parties
3. New Treaty added: Collective Security Treaty Organization (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan)
4. Added Nuclear Capability for Iran and North Korea.
5. Various Country names changed including (but not limited to) the following:
-Russian Federation (fmr. Russia)
-Byelorussia (fmr. Belarus)
-Republic of Korea (fmr. South Korea)
-People’s Republic of Korea (fmr. North Korea)
-Republic of China (fmr. Taiwan)
-People’s Republic of China (fmr. China)
-Federal Republic of Germany (fmr. Germany)
-Islamic Republic of Iran (fmr. Iran)
-Republic of Congo (fmr. Congo)
-Moldova and Transdneister (fmr. Moldova)
-Macedonia (fmr. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
-Serbia (fmr. Serbia and Montenegro)

MOD Also Includes:
-Ruge’s EHE 11


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