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Авторы: Mr_Monday

ReadMe with a comprehensive change log is included Includes KGB»s Chechnya, MultiMod1.2b and Infantry Mod4.0 Compilation1.65b

New Countries w/flags, political parties, treaties and basic DR
Abkazia — freed from Georgian rule
Aceh Nanngroe Darusallem — at war/occupied by Indonesia
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria — freed from Russian rule
Greenland — allied/ common market w/ Denmark
Hong Kong — allied with People»s Republic of China
Isle of Man — allied/ common market W/ United Kingdom
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic — pressuring Morocco to be free
Tibet — freed from Chinese rule
Uyghurstan — under Chinese rule
West Papua — freed from Indonesian rule
Zanzibar — allied/ common market with Tanzania
New political parties for existing countries

Updated Diplomatic Relations

Updated Country Information

Updated EHE

-Using revised data from Yahoo and jjwalker»s EHE Mods (EHE13, and Dissension)
1) Countries should change government and internal laws more often
2) Countries should build more units and make more treaties
A complete list of changes (including the scenario) is included in the ReadMe

Compilation version 1.7b

Includes KGB’s Chechnya, MultiMod1.2b, and Infantry Mod 4.0
-Removed scenario from 1.65b

What’s New?
Infantry Types
Updated Government Types
Slighty Edited EHE
Covert Ops for new countries
Updated Flags for every country
A New Feature
Some Minor Changes

American Samoa
Aland Islands
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Netherland Antilles
Islamic Emirate of Waziristan
-removed Uyghurstan
-removed Nanngroe Aceh Darussalem

Added a Union of___ and ___ for…
American Samoa; United States
Aland Islands; Finland
Bermuda; United Kingdom
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the United States of America
Netherland Antilles; Netherlands
Hong Kong; China
Montenegro; Serbia
Zanzibar; Tanzania
Isle of Man; United Kingdom
Greenland; Denmark
The Union of… treaty includes the following:
Economic Partnership
Cultural Exchange
Common Market
Economic Aid from the «parent» nation

Region Security System (RSS)- Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, St. Kitts, St.Lucia, and St.Vincent
x2 Andorra Defense Treaty- Andorra and France, Andorra and Spain
Marshall Islands Defense Treaty- Marshall Islands and United States
Nauru Defense Treaty- Nauru and Australia
Palau Defense Treaty- Palau and United States
Samoa Defense Treaty- Samao and New Zealand
United States now has an alliance with the following countries- Egypt, Argentina, Bahrain, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Jordan, Morocco, and Pakistan

Weapon Trades:
Pacific Patrol Boat Program (PPBP)- Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Marshall Islands, and Vanatu

Military Trespass:
France-Djibouti Military Treaty

Cultural Exchange:
World Customs Organization (WCO)- over 150 members

New Infantry types:
French Foreign Legion- Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Dijibouti, and France
Gurkhas- Nepal, United Kingdom, and Brunei
Gendarmerie Nationale- France
Janjaweed Militia- Sudan
Hong Kong Police Force
Finish Frontier Guard
Latvian State Boarder Guard
Lithuanian State Boarder Guard
Polish Boarder Guard
Romanian Boarder Police
Russian Boarder Guard
Ukrainian State Boarder Guard
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Al-Qaeda Insurgents- Waziristan
Philippines Marine

Updated Government Types:
Changed Monarchy to Absolute Monarchy
Malaysia- Single Party Democracy
Eritrea- Single Party Democracy
Waziristan- Theocracy
Laos- Communist
Vietnam- Communist
Cuba- Communist
China- Communist

Political Parties for every new nation
Covert Ops for every new nation
New Feature!
Replaced Climate Box with Background box, giving a description for every nation.
Minor Changes?
Russian Federation should now have 6 Class III Subs, 3 Class IV Subs, and 2 Typhoon Class Nuclear Submarines.
A few country names have been abbreviated to allow the entire name to fit on screen
Tibet is only the Tibetan Autonamous Region, Qinghai was transferred back to China


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