Cold War 1985


— All eastern european states are now single party democracies, rather than multiparty. Yugoslavia is a communist state.

— Eritria is still a part of Ethiopia
— Dem.Rep. of Congo is back to Zaire complete with old flag.
— Old flag of South Africa
— Unified Czechoslovakia
— Divided East and West Germany
— Unified Yugoslavia
— Ruges EHE11 Mod
— Seven’s Infantry Mod
— Increased units construction speed by a factor of 5
— NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances are now open for new members
— Iran-Iraq war
— Afghanistan occupied by the Soviet forces
— Fixed relations for the Cold War Era (Dont try to invade «Iceland» now, can turn out pretty bad for you)

— Post Cold War military units removed from the game (Everything that entered service after 1985)


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