The separatist republic of Chechnya has been granted independence in 2001 by the Russian governement.
The former Chechen warlord has been appointed as a the president of the now independent Republic of Chechnya.
To avoid any further violence and bloodshed in Chechnya, 18,000 Russian troops has been given order to remain inside the Chechnya»s borders though no military tresspassing agreement has been signed between Russia and Chechnya.

* 300 highly trained Chechen rebels in Grozny city
* 18,000 Russian troops and over 500 armored units in Shali city
* 2 Covert cells for Chechnya

* Economic Aid Treaty to Chechnya from Russia
* Bad relations between Russia and Chechnya
* Good relations between the Arab World and Chechnya
* Moderate relations between US-UK and Chechnya
* Realistic or near-realistic political database for Chechnya

* Realistic or near-realistic economic database for Chechnya


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