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The separatist republic of Chechnya has been granted independence in 2001 by the Russian governement.
The former Chechen warlord has been appointed as a the president of the now independent Republic of Chechnya.
To avoid any further violence and bloodshed in Chechnya, 18,000 Russian troops has been given order to remain inside the Chechnya»s borders though no military tresspassing agreement has been signed between Russia and Chechnya.

* 300 highly trained Chechen rebels in Grozny city
* 18,000 Russian troops and over 500 armored units in Shali city
* 2 Covert cells for Chechnya

* Economic Aid Treaty to Chechnya from Russia
* Bad relations between Russia and Chechnya
* Good relations between the Arab World and Chechnya
* Moderate relations between US-UK and Chechnya
* Realistic or near-realistic political database for Chechnya

* Realistic or near-realistic economic database for Chechnya


Canadian Confederation


Авторы: Thony
All provinces of Canada are now countries and the 3 territories now form Nunavut.
Provinces are allied and share a common market.
Inuktitut language is added in Northwest territory and Yukon and is the official language with french and english.
Language status is added for the other provinces.
The cities of Iqaluit, Fredericton and Charlottetown are added.
Political parties and percentage are real stats from 2001.
The provinces have the research level of Canada and are members of the same treaties.
Unemployment, poverty, birth rate, death rate and inflation are real stats from 2001.
The debt and military manpower is shared by the provinces.
All the other statistics are statistics from Canada.
You have the choice to choose between two flags for Newfoundland, the actual flag or the Tricolour flag.
It is Ruges EHE 11 and the new countries have the behavior of Canada.



Скачать v.1.1

Скачать v.1.0

Авторы: Sukhoi и Yahoo
Мод создает независимую страну на территории штата Калифорния

-Technology level, similar to US
-Nuclear technology research
-Patriot Missile Defense System (Missile Defense Shield)
-2 Covert Cells created

-Personal Income Tax set to realistic value
-Sector taxes set to near realistic values

-Realistic language values put in
*English 71.5% (23,491,331)
*Spanish 24.6% (8,082,332)
*Chinese 2.6% (854,231)
*Vietnamese 1.3% (427,115)

Political Parties:
-Republican Party of California
-Democratic Party of California
-Communist Party of California
-Royal Family Party of California
-Military Forces Party of California
-Religious Rulers Party of California

Excellent Relations US/California

-US/California protection pact

-US/California free trade -Capital is Sacramento
-Government aprovel and stability have been made similar to United states, also corruption too.

-More realistic military building values
-Missile Defense cost = $1.2 trillion
-Research is more difficult


A World Devided


Авторы: Radu
Version 1.4 (01.04.2015 update , usa divided — fixed)

Around 1 week ago i’ve decided to make a new mod for the community and figured out there is no mod which actually divide europe in many more parts . I used RedCommunist’s mod with his approval in order to facilitate my work . So here it is :

What is the difference from the RedCommunist’s Realism Mod 5.0:
75+ new countries :
Scotland ( 1.0 + )
Wales ( 1.0 + )
England ( 1.0 + )
Wallachia ( 1.0 + )
Moldavia ( 1.0 + )
Transylvania ( 1.0 + )
Brittany ( 1.0 + )
Greenland ( 1.0 + )
Turkey Republic of Northern Cyprus ( 1.0 + )
Aragon / Crown of Aragon ( 1.0 + )
Prussia ( 1.0 + )
Novorossiya ( 1.0 + )
Kurdistan ( sorta of , it’s really hard to make a «kurdistan» which actually has a good shape )
Hong Kong ( not playable yet )
Cascadia ( 1.1 + )
California ( 1.1 + )
Texas ( 1.1 + )
Wallonia ( 1.2 + )
Flanders ( 1.2 + )
Bavaria ( 1.3 + )
Yakutia ( 1.3 + )
Yenisey ( 1.3 + )
Siberia ( 1.3 + )
Baikal ( 1.3 + )
Far East ( 1.3 + )
Tobol ( 1.3 + )
Ural ( 1.3 + )
Pomorie ( 1.3 + )
Novgorod ( 1.3 + )
Muscovy ( 1.3 + )
Chernozemie ( 1.3 + )
Cossackia ( 1.3 + )
Volga ( 1.3 + )
Tatarstan ( 1.3 + )
Tyva Republic ( 1.3 + )
United States was divided in many , many parts but they are still alive through Washington DC , Hawaii and some islands . I didnt worked at relations / treaties / units at all :) but i hope you still love it . ( 1.4 + )

Language update for few countries
Relations update
Many new international treaties / political parties
Flags for every country
United Ireland and many , many more




Авторы: Hawkwind, Ronald Reagan, Entregador Liskal
Описание: Start year 1970

Countries changed to:
Democratic Republic of Germany
East Pakistan
Ivory Coast
Federal Republic of Germany
Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
The People’s Republic of Korea
West Pakistan
North Rhodesia
The People’s Republic of Vietnam

Infantry Units:
All countries-Rocket Infantry
All countries-Marines
USA-Special Forces
France-Foreign Legion
China-Red Guard
Japan-Red Guard

Political Parties:
China-Chinese Republican Party
China-Chinese Democratic Party
Saudi Arabia-New Arabia
Saudi Arabia-Party for The Liberation and Unification of Saudi Arabia
Iraq-Iraqi Freedom and Unity Front
Iraq-Iraqi Conservative Party
Libya-Lybian Freedom
Libya-Unity Party
Cuba-Cuban Nationalist Front
Persia-Persian Freedom Front
Persian-Iranian Conservative Party
Democratic Republic of Germany-National Socialist Worker’s Party

Tonga-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Alliance-Comintern-Russia-China-Democratic Republic of Germany-Poland-Czechslovakia-Hungary- Romania-Bulgaria-The People’s Republic of Vietnam-The People’s Republic of Korea-Cuba
Alliance-South Vietnamese Protection Pact-Vietnam-USA
Alliance-South Korean Protection Pact-USA-Korea
Alliance-Japanese Conditional Surrender Treaty-USA-Japan
Alliance-Common Wealth Alliance-Fiji-UK-Australia-New Zealand-Canada-India-South Africa-Egypt-Bahrain-West Pakistan-Belize
Common Market-Common Wealth Market-Fiji-UK-Australia-New Zealand-Canada-India-South Africa-Egypt-Bahrain-West Pakistan-Belize




Авторы: Sidewinder

This mod adds the confederate states of america into the game.
They have the same level of technology as the USA and also have nuclear weapons.
They can build the same units as the USA aswell.
They are also in Nato and relations are neutral with all countrys.
They have the same political partys as the USA: Republican Pary and Democratic Pary.
Thanks To Ruges (EHE 1.1 mod) and Yahoo (1.4 infantry mod) using Sevens (infantry mod).