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Автор: Александр Сазанов

От автора:

Поздравляю всех с Новым Годом.В честь этого,я с разрешения А.Смирнова подкорректировал реализм. Что сделано:
— Добавлена новая страна — ООН,со всеми миротворческими миссиями и договорами
— Изменен религиозный и языковой состав ряда стран
— Переведены/обновлены названия партий ряда стран
— Исправлены дипломатические отношения в соответствии с последними сводками
— Добавлено множество городов
— Добавлены новые юниты в производство и на продажу
— ВВП и долг США исправлена на конец 2017 года
— Исправлены флаги Афганистану,Мавритании,ДНР,ЛНР
— Теперь у всех стран официальные названия
— Мелкие текстовые изменения (классификация техники РФ и КНР изменены с НАТОвских на обычные)
— Исправлено население некоторых городов
— Игил убран из Ливии и Сирии


Realism1933 beta


Автор: Alexey SmirnovЪ

Мод сделан на скорую руку для некого человека который хотел его в дальнейшем улучшать, а так же для памятной мультиплейер игры на 9ое мая 2016 года. За основу взят мод World War 2 и переделан под реалии 1933 года.



Скачать мод

Автор: Alexandr Sazanov

Мод переносит Вас в начало 20 века до WWI. Вы сможете выбрать страны той эпохи, от колоний, до империй.
Начало игры с 1900 года.

Добавленные страны:
• French Republic
• German Empire
• Austra-Hungary
• Russian Empire
• British Empire
• Kingdom of Italy
• Ottoman Empire
• Arabia
• Qing Dynasty
• Japan Empire
• Liberals
• Boxer




Автор: Yahoo

Growth and production mod
Unit Production time has been changed it will take longer to build an army.
Economy growth is slower it takes some tiime to get going.
Research cost has gone up also research wwill take more time.
relations tweaks with middle-east namely israel and iran-no not full on war to start with. new NATO allies added-NATO mod.
Some other things isreal has AMD..iran haas researched nukes and troop numbers in some coutries are abit higher



World War 2


Авторы: KGB,Guru,Victor,Lenin

Using the super ussr mo v3:
Nazi Germany added
Jewish religion added in Germany
Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina are now SPD with the original fascist political parties
Spain is military dictatorship
Allies and Axis Powers alliances were created
China is split between nationalist and communist (civil war)
Tibet is free
Japan is monarchy
Japanese occupation (not annexed) in South Korea, North Korea and east part of China
Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia included
Moldova belongs to Romania
Kaliningrad renamed to Königsberg and now belongs to Germany
Japanese northern islands belongs to Japan (not Russia anymore)
Japan, Germany, Italy, USSR, Yugoslavia, Nationalist China and Tibet have the original flags in WW II

Worldwar 2 things added onto Super USSR mod
Comintern alliance created
[b]New countries :
Tyva Tallu, Republic Spain
Fixed the colonization
Mongolia is SPD
Poland is monarchy
Renamed countries : Iran — Persia ; Thailand — Siam
Reformulated map of Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Soviet Union and Communist China[/b]


United States


Авторы: Yahoo

-New Mexico

Political Parties:
-Republican Party of California
-Democratic Party of California
-Communist Party of California
-Royal Family of California
-Military Forces of California
-Religious Rulers of California

-Republican Party of Texas
-Democratic Party of Texas
-Communist Party of Texas
-Royal Family of Texas
-Military Forces of Texas
-Religious Rulers of Texas

-Republican Party of Arizona
-Democratic Party of Arizona
-Communist Party of Arizona
-Royal Family of Arizona
-Military Forces of Arizona
-Religious Rulers of Arizona

-Republican Party of Alaska
-Democratic Party of Alaska
-Communist Party of Alaska
-Royal Family of Alaska
-Military Forces of Alaska
-Religious Rulers of Alaska

New Mexico
-Republican Party of New Mexico
-Democratic Party of New Mexico
-Communist Party of New Mexico
-Royal Family of New Mexico
-Military Forces of New Mexico
-Religious Rulers of New Mexico

-Republican Party of Florida
-Democratic Party of Florida
-Communist Party of Florida
-Royal Family of Florida
-Military Forces of Florida
-Religious Rulers of Florida

-Republican Party of Colorado
-Democratic Party of Colorado
-Communist Party of Colorado
-Royal Family of Colorado
-Military Forces of Colorado
-Religious Rulers of Colorado Relations:
Excellent Relations Texas/California/Arizona/Alaska/New Mexico/Florida/Colorado/United States

-United States protection pact
-All states are in the NATO Alliance

-United States free trade

-California Capital is Sacramento
-Texas Capital is Austin
-Arizona Capital is Phoenix
-Alaska Capital is Juneau
-New Mexico Capital is Santa Fe
-Florida Capital is Tallahassee
-Colorado Capital is Denver
-Santa Fe city added to New Mexico
-Juneau city added to Alaska
-All states have Nuclear Capability
-All states have the same technology level
-Governments aprovel and stability have been made similar to United states, also corruption too.


United Nations


Steam forum

This mod uses: MrMondaysMod4.0

If you want play in the simgle or host multiplayer game, and be one of the most power nations, but no want be the United States or other tradicional country the «UnitedNations» is one way.
In this mod you can play with the United Nations as one country.The country have sea access and many peace forces around the world.
Take the world or control the other players in server; you have chance to decid between war or peace in name of humanity 😉

Added features:

— United Nations is now one country with 5 millions of habitantes;
— The country have two regions: Genevé(Switzerland) and lezhe(Albania);
— United Nations have AMDS Shield;
— United Nations have troops in missions of peace around the world;
— United Nations have exclusive units;
— United Nations have most advanced tecnology in the world;
— Most country have name changed for oficial names;
— Most country have flags update;
— China now is free market economy;
— AMDS Shield had reduced the chances of success;
— Units production time was cut in half;
— Now is possible reach the tech level 10;
— Game start in 2015/09/26.

Credits for W108R and MrMondaysMod4.0


The Man in the High Castle


Steam forum


The Man in the High Castle is a book by Philip K. ???? [Steam filters the name]. The book is set in 1964, in an alternate history where the Axis wins World War Two.

The mod is BASED on the book, and may not totally align with it, I’m trying to be creative, so when giving suggestions, think outside the box!

Known issue:

-Political Parties seem to be 1 or 2 strings off (i.e Japan is ruled by Jordan’s royal family)

Maybe in the future if I don’t get lazy:

-Custom units



The Man in the High Castle Mod for Superpower 2 by The Patriot


Version 1.2 (Current)
+ Kingdom of Italy completed
+ German African colonies finished
+ Empire of Japan completed
+ Japanese Raj created
+ Indonesia now East Indies (new flag as well)
+ Puerto Rico now German States of America territory

+/- Rocky Mountain Buffer Zone renamed Neutral Zone and a new flag
+/- Imperial Empire of Japan renamed Empire of Japan
+/- Spain now military dicatorship
+/- Sweden now monarchy
+/- Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Finland now military dictatorships
+/- Various law changes

Version 1.1
+ Japan acquires China and Korea
+ Germany gets naval units in North America
+ Italy acquires Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

+/- Fascist states renamed German States of America

+ Misc. law changes

Version 1.0
+ Added Greater German Reich
+ Added Imperial Empire of Japan
+ Added Kingdom of Italy
+ Added Fascist States of America
+ Added Pacific States of America
+ Added Rocky Mountain Buffer Zone

+ Italy acquires Balkan states
+ Germany acquires most of Europe and 1/2 of Russia, colony in Newfoundland
+ Japan acquires 1/2 of Russia and all Pacific islands


Return to power


Автор: Yahoo

Using Real 2002 v1.0 Mod and Tim’s Realism Mod v1.6

New countries:
Isle of Man
German Democratic Republic
Soviet Union
German Democratic Republic and Soviet Union market’s are under government control

Parties for German Democratic Republic -Socialist Unity Party of Germany/Communist Party of Germany/Social Democratic Party of Germany/National Front/Religious Rulers of German Democratic Republic/Military Forces of the German Democratic Republic/Royal Family of the German Democratic Republic.
Parties for Soviet Union — Communist Party of the Soviet Union/Religious Rulers of the Soviet Union/Military Forces of the Soviet Union/Royal Family of the Soviet Union.
Parties for Isle of Man — Man Labor Party/Alliance for Progressive Government /Man Nationalist Party/Man Communist Party/Man Religious Rulers/ Man Military Forces/Royal Family of Man.

Alliance: UK-Isle of Man protection

Good relations between UK-Isle of Man
-East Timor
-Isle of Man
-German Democratic Republic
-Soviet Union

New units:
World-Anti Armor Personnel
World-Anti Air Personnel
World-Artillery Personnel
UK-Teritorial Army
UK-Royal Marines
USA-Navy Seals
USA-Special Operations
USA-Coast Guard
US-National Guard
Russia-Airborne Troops
India-Coast Guard
North korea-Paramilitary
South korea-Paramilitary
France-Foreign Legion
Turkey-Coast Guard
France-National Guard
Saudi Arabia-National Guard
Monaco-National Guard
Venezuela-National Guard
Panama-National Guard
Iraq-Republican Guard

budget: Units upkeep changed to — Milatry

version 3.0

Two Superpowers head to head, if not to be Russia or US, then who’s side would you join ?

-Rassia has all former soviet territory
-United States has all canadian territory




Автор: Yahoo

Version 4.0

Iraq and Libya are now democratic nations.

Political Parties:
-National Transitional Council of Libya — Single party In power for now.
-New Libya Party
-Libya Alwatan Party

-US — Iraq Trespassing Treaty

Troop Deployments:
-US,UK and France have war ships off the coast of Libya.
-US have 30000 troops still in Iraq.

-Iraq relations are much better with the US,UK,Germany,Poland,Kuwait,South Korea and Australia.

Flags updated for:
-Iraq and Libya

Other Modifications:
-Due to the conflict in Libya many Air and Ground units have been destroyed.
-Libya Approval/Stability/Corrution each of these have been changed just alittle.

Include the Real 2002 version 3.0 changes.

Version 3.0

The Republic of South Sudan has it’s independence
-Capital of South Sudan is Juba

Political parties plus percentages:
-Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (85%) = In power
-United Democratic Front (7%)
-Sudan African National Union (5%)
-South Sudan Liberal Party (3%)
-National holiday: Independence Day 9th July 2011

-Ruges EHE 1.1 updated by Yahoo with new countries

The following addon mods have been removed..
-Yahoo’s Infantry mod v4.0
-NoLoComprendo’s No Penalty Annexation mod v1.1

Include the Real 2002 version 2.0 changes.

Version 2.0:

New countries:

Political parties plus percentages:
-Democratic Party of Serbia (31.5) = In power
-Democratic Party (27.9)
-G17 Plus (6.2)
-Serbian Radical Party (23.7)
-Socialist Party fo Serbia (3.3)
-New Serbia (2.9)
-Serbian Renewal Movement (4.5)
-Democratic Party of Socialists (47.9) = In power
-Liberal Alliance of Montenegro (5.7)
-People’s Party of Montenegro (2.8)
-Serbian People’s Party of Montenegro (38.4)
-Social Democratic Reform (2.8)
-Socialist People’s Party (2.4)

-Serbia and Montenegro

-Serbia and Montenegro free trade/common market

-Relations between Serbia and Russia are good
-Relations between Serbia and China are good
-Relations between Serbia and Greece are good
-Relations between Montenegro and Albania are good
-Relations between Montenegro and Serbia are good
-Relations between Montenegro and Russia are good

-Montenegro has a small amount of troops and dept from which was Serbia and Montenegro as one.

Real 2002 Mod v1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 all the info below is v1.0 right up to v1.3

New countries:
-Isle of Man
-Western Sahara

Updated Flag’s:
-Isle of Man
-Western Sahara
-East Timor

Political Parties:
-Political Parties for Somaliland — United Democratic Peoples Party—Kulmiye—Party for Justice Welfare
-Political Parties for Puntland — Democratic party of Puntland—Somali Royal Family—Somali Military Forces—Somali Religious Rulers—Somali Communist Party.
-Political Parties for Somaliland — Somali Royal Family—Somali Military Forces—Somali Religious Rulers—Somali Communist Party.
-Fixed Political Parties percentages they should all total to 100% for each of the new countries
-Political parties for Western Sahara — Polisario Communist Party—Polisario Royal Family—Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic—Polisario Nationalist party—Polisario Arab Military Forces.
-Political Parties for Isle of Man — Man Labor Party/Alliance for Progressive Government /Man Nationalist Party/Man Communist Party/Man Religious Rulers/ Man Military Forces/Royal Family of Man.

-Venezuela-Bolivia-Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay Alliance.
-UK-Isle of Man protection.

-Organisation of African Unity has been renamed African Union/Morocco is no longer part of the African Union/ Western Sahara is now part of the African Union.

-Arabic is now a Official language of iraq
-Somali is now a Official language of Somaliland
-Somali is now a Official language of Puntland

-UK and US Relations with Isle of Man are good.
-Relations between Western Sahara and Morocco are not to good.

New units to build: old and new designs:
-UK-Polaris A3-ICBM
-UK-Vulcan B Mk2-Bomber
-UK-Tornado GR3-Attack aircaft
-UK-Tornado GR4-Attack aircaft
-UK-Harrier GR Mk 9-Attack aircaft
-US-Forrestal CV-Aircraft carrier
-US-Aurora-Attack aircaft
-UK-Jaguar GR Mk 3-Attack aircaft -All countries-Anti Armor Personnel
-All countries-Anti Air Personnel
-All countries-Artillery Personnel
-USA-Coast Guard
-USA-National Guard
-India-Coast Guard
-Turkey-Coast Guard
-France-National Guard
-Saudi Arabia-National Guard
-Monaco-National Guard
-Venezuela-National Guard
-Panama-National Guard
-Iraq-Republican Guard
-Canada-Special Operations
-UK-Teritorial Army
-UK-Royal Marines
-USA-Navy Seals
-USA-Special Operations
-Russia-Airborne Troops
-North korea-Paramilitary
-South korea-Paramilitary
-France-Foreign Legion
-Tornado GR1-Attack aircaft is now the Tornado GR3 for Uk’s Airforce

-budget: Units upkeep changed to — Milatry
-Most of the countries names have been change back to there short form.
-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus country name changed to Northern Cyprus

Using the following mod’s:
-Ruges EHE 1.1 updated by Yahoo with new countries
-Yahoo’s Infantry mod v4.0 using Seven’s Infantry mod v3.0
-NoLoComprendo’s No Penalty Annexation mod v1.1 credit also goes to Venny,Turbo