Моды по алфавиту (0-9; A-E)

1970 version 1.0
Авторы: Hawkwind, Ronald Reagan, Entregador Liskal
Start year 1970

Countries changed to :
Democratic Republic of Germany
East Pakistan
Ivory Coast
Federal Republic of Germany
Union of Soviet Socialist Republic
The People's Republic of Korea
West Pakistan
North Rhodesia
The People's Republic of Vietnam

Infantry Units:
All countries-Rocket Infantry
All countries-Marines
USA-Special Forces
France-Foreign Legion
China-Red Guard
Japan-Red Guard

Political Parties:
China-Chinese Republican Party
China-Chinese Democratic Party
Saudi Arabia-New Arabia
Saudi Arabia-Party for The Liberation and Unification of Saudi Arabia
Iraq-Iraqi Freedom and Unity Front
Iraq-Iraqi Conservative Party
Libya-Lybian Freedom
Libya-Unity Party
Cuba-Cuban Nationalist Front
Persia-Persian Freedom Front
Persian-Iranian Conservative Party
Democratic Republic of Germany-National Socialist Worker's Party

Tonga-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Alliance-Comintern-Russia-China-Democratic Republic of Germany-Poland-Czechslovakia-Hungary- Romania-Bulgaria-The People's Republic of Vietnam-The People's Republic of Korea-Cuba
Alliance-South Vietnamese Protection Pact-Vietnam-USA
Alliance-South Korean Protection Pact-USA-Korea
Alliance-Japanese Conditional Surrender Treaty-USA-Japan
Alliance-Common Wealth Alliance-Fiji-UK-Australia-New Zealand-Canada-India-South Africa-Egypt-Bahrain-West Pakistan-Belize
Common Market-Common Wealth Market-Fiji-UK-Australia-New Zealand-Canada-India-South Africa-Egypt-Bahrain-West Pakistan-Belize
A World Devided version 1.4
A World Divided 1.4 ( 01.04.2015 update , usa divided ) - fixed
Hello :D
Around 1 week ago i've decided to make a new mod for the community and figured out there is no mod which actually divide europe in many more parts . I used RedCommunist's mod with his approval in order to facilitate my work . So here it is :

What is the difference from the RedCommunist's Realism Mod 5.0:
75+ new countries :
Scotland ( 1.0 + )
Wales ( 1.0 + )
England ( 1.0 + )
Wallachia ( 1.0 + )
Moldavia ( 1.0 + )
Transylvania ( 1.0 + )
Brittany ( 1.0 + )
Greenland ( 1.0 + )
Turkey Republic of Northern Cyprus ( 1.0 + )
Aragon / Crown of Aragon ( 1.0 + )
Prussia ( 1.0 + )
Novorossiya ( 1.0 + )
Kurdistan ( sorta of , it's really hard to make a "kurdistan" which actually has a good shape )
Hong Kong ( not playable yet )
Cascadia ( 1.1 + )
California ( 1.1 + )
Texas ( 1.1 + )
Wallonia ( 1.2 + )
Flanders ( 1.2 + )
Bavaria ( 1.3 + )
Yakutia ( 1.3 + )
Yenisey ( 1.3 + )
Siberia ( 1.3 + )
Baikal ( 1.3 + )
Far East ( 1.3 + )
Tobol ( 1.3 + )
Ural ( 1.3 + )
Pomorie ( 1.3 + )
Novgorod ( 1.3 + )
Muscovy ( 1.3 + )
Chernozemie ( 1.3 + )
Cossackia ( 1.3 + )
Volga ( 1.3 + )
Tatarstan ( 1.3 + )
Tyva Republic ( 1.3 + )
United States was divided in many , many parts but they are still alive through Washington DC , Hawaii and some islands . I didnt worked at relations / treaties / units at all :) but i hope you still love it . ( 1.4 + )

Language update for few countries
Relations update
Many new international treaties / political parties
Flags for every country
United Ireland and many , many more
Austrazealguinea version1.0
This MOD was built off of Akulas Realism 1.6 the addition of Austrazealguinea was by me Lokbomb
California version1.0
-State of California

Political Parties:
-Republican Party of California
-Democratic Party of California
-Communist Party of California
-Royal Family Party of California
-Military Forces Party of California
-Religious Rulers Party of California

Excellent Relations US/California

-US/California protection pact

-US/California free trade -Capital is Sacramento
-Government aprovel and stability have been made similar to United states, also corruption too.
California version 1.1 -->California version 1.1
[/url]</div><div id="sp85c7d3f0a61a42445d153167d65a04f0" class="text_spoiler" style="display:none;"><!--spoiler_text-->Авторы:Sukhoi/Yahoo
California is a independent nation, contains features of v1.0 plus:

-Technology level, similar to US
-Nuclear technology research
-Patriot Missile Defense System (Missile Defense Shield)
-2 Covert Cells created

-Personal Income Tax set to realistic value
-Sector taxes set to near realistic values

-Realistic language values put in
*English 71.5% (23,491,331)
*Spanish 24.6% (8,082,332)
*Chinese 2.6% (854,231)
*Vietnamese 1.3% (427,115)

-More realistic military building values
-Missile Defense cost = $1.2 trillion
-Research is more difficult
Canadian Confederation 1.0
All provinces of Canada are now countries and the 3 territories now form Nunavut.
Provinces are allied and share a common market.
Inuktitut language is added in Northwest territory and Yukon and is the official language with french and english.
Language status is added for the other provinces.
The cities of Iqaluit, Fredericton and Charlottetown are added.
Political parties and percentage are real stats from 2001.
The provinces have the research level of Canada and are members of the same treaties.
Unemployment, poverty, birth rate, death rate and inflation are real stats from 2001.
The debt and military manpower is shared by the provinces.
All the other statistics are statistics from Canada.
You have the choice to choose between two flags for Newfoundland, the actual flag or the Tricolour flag.
It is Ruges EHE 11 and the new countries have the behavior of Canada.

Cascadia version 1.4b
The Cascadia variant of this mod(ComboMod) includes a new alternate history scenario, and includes all the features above plus a new nation, “Cascadia”.
It is comprised of the territories of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. I have attempted to model the situation as accurately as possible, and it produces some very interesting results.
Realism-Cascadia Mod

Оффициальная тема мода на стим форумах
Это альтернативная история, как ответвление мексиканской революции 1999 года. Основан на модах Yahoo's Real 2002 v2.0 mod, Tim's Realism mod v1.6, R-T-B's Cascadia 1.4b mod, Assailant's Commonwealth Realms mod

Новые страны:
-Union State

Новые политические партии и их поддержка:
-Cascadian Libertarian Party (100) = правящая (Single Party Democracy)
-Cascadian Conservative Party (0)
-Cascadian Democratic Socialists (0)
-Cascadian Progressive Party (0)
-Cascadian Unity Party (0)
-Union State Conservative Bloc (45) = правящая
-People's Freedom Party (7.5)
-Democratic Socialist Party (30)
-Liberal Democratic Party (7.5)
-Union State Communist League (10)
-Russian Ultranationalist Party (0) = запрещена

Территориальные изменения:
-United States потеряли Oregon и Washington State в пользу Cascadia
-Canada потеряла British Columbia в пользу Cascadia
-USA имеют военный контроль на севере Мексики (Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas)
-Россия и Белорусь объеденены в единую страну (Union State)
-UK оккупировала Сербию

Новые Юниты:
-Cascadian Militiamen
-Union State Peacekeepers

-Union State
-Afghanistan (Taliban-era flag restored)

Новые соглашения:
-North American Weapons Proliferation Act (US/Canada эмбарго на торговлю оружием с Cascadia)
-Cascadian Trade Embargo (US/Canada экономическое эмбарго на Cascadia)
-Mexico удалена из NAFTA Common Market
-Новый член CIS: Cascadia
-Добавлены военные и экономические эмбарго United States на China, Mexico и Union State
-Черногория добавлена в некоторые международные соглашения.
-Альянс: Anglo-American Defense League (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand)
-Альянс: Commonwealth Realms (Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, and United Kindom)
-Альянс: Cascadia Protection of Mexico
-в ОДКБ добавлены новые члены (Cascadia, Union State, Ukraine)
-Альянс: Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty (People's Republic of China and North Korea)
-Альянс: Shanghai Cooperation Organization (China, Union State, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Cascadia, and Mexico)
-Из НАТО удалены члены вступившие после 2004 года (Страны Прибалтики, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria)
-Albania добавлена как член НАТО.

Хорошие отношения:
-Между членами ОДКБ.
-Между членами ШОС
-Между членами Commonwealth Realms
-Между членами AADL
-Между People's Republic of China и North Korea
-Между Cascadia и Mexico

Плохие отношения:
-Между членами ОДКБ/ШОС и членами AADL
-Между членами ОДКБ/ШОС и членами Commonwealth Realms
-Между Mexico и United States

-Все юниты США в Вашингтоне и Орегоне перешли под контроль Каскадии.
-Все юниты Канады в British Colambia перешли под контроль Каскадии.
-Некоторые корабли США и Мексики перешли под контроль Каскадии.
-4 группы Union State размещены в Каскадии.
-Передислоцированы некоторые группы США в противовес Каскадии.
-Chinese и Union State имеют военные базы в Mexico.
-ВПК Каскадии имеют некоторые юниты из ВПК Union State.
-НАТО имеет военные базы в Сербии (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy).
-США имеют военные базы в Germany и South Korea.

-Каскадия имеет ЯО и ПРО.
-Военное положение в United States и Canada
-NATO сделан открытым альянсом.
Скачать | Скачать с http://www.superpower2.ru
Chechnya version 1.0
The separatist republic of Chechnya has been granted independence in 2001 by the Russian governement.
The former Chechen warlord has been appointed as a the president of the now independent Republic of Chechnya.
To avoid any further violence and bloodshed in Chechnya, 18,000 Russian troops has been given order to remain inside the Chechnya''s borders though no military tresspassing agreement has been signed between Russia and Chechnya.

* 300 highly trained Chechen rebels in Grozny city
* 18,000 Russian troops and over 500 armored units in Shali city
* 2 Covert cells for Chechnya

* Economic Aid Treaty to Chechnya from Russia
* Bad relations between Russia and Chechnya
* Good relations between the Arab World and Chechnya
* Moderate relations between US-UK and Chechnya
* Realistic or near-realistic political database for Chechnya

* Realistic or near-realistic economic database for Chechnya

Cold War 1985 version 1.4a
- All eastern european states are now single party democracies, rather than multiparty. Yugoslavia is a communist state.

- Eritria is still a part of Ethiopia
- Dem.Rep. of Congo is back to Zaire complete with old flag.
- Old flag of South Africa
- Unified Czechoslovakia
- Divided East and West Germany
- Unified Yugoslavia
- Ruges EHE11 Mod
- Seven's Infantry Mod
- Increased units construction speed by a factor of 5
- NATO and Warsaw Pact alliances are now open for new members
- Iran-Iraq war
- Afghanistan occupied by the Soviet forces
- Fixed relations for the Cold War Era (Dont try to invade "Iceland" now, can turn out pretty bad for you)

- Post Cold War military units removed from the game (Everything that entered service after 1985)

Cold War MultiMOD
Авторы:SDK BBR/KGB/Yahoo
Cold War SteamMod version 1.4a-Steam
Combo version 1.4b
Enables all non-democratic countries to become a multi-party democracy (by adding additional political parties to the game)
Gives India and Pakistan accurate nuclearr counts, based on data from the Federation of American Scientists
Makes it so many nations that do not havee nukes, but are able to produce them, already have nuclear research completed.
Corrects game
Put healthcare under state-control in nattions that offer a state universal healthcare program.
Corrected various laws in Cuba and Afghannistan.
Made Afghanistan a Single-Party democracyy actively fighting a rebel group (as opposed to a multiparty democracy). In the election screen, you will see a single percentage. That percentage is how much of the nation the Taliban controls.
Moved Capitol of Kazakhstan to “Astana” ((It’s been there since 1997).
Adjusted AI iteration speed to respond faaster. This should fix the bug that causes the game to become unrealistic at higher game speeds. It should also improve the AI reaction time. This will require additional CPU power, but should be worth it. I recommend all servers running at T4 or higher use this mod to ensure game stability and realism.

Compilation version 1.65b

ReadMe with a comprehensive change log is included Includes KGB''s Chechnya, MultiMod1.2b and Infantry Mod4.0 Compilation1.65b

New Countries w/flags, political parties, treaties and basic DR
Abkazia - freed from Georgian rule
Aceh Nanngroe Darusallem - at war/occupied by Indonesia
Chechen Republic of Ichkeria - freed from Russian rule
Greenland - allied/ common market w/ Denmark
Hong Kong - allied with People''s Republic of China
Isle of Man - allied/ common market W/ United Kingdom
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic - pressuring Morocco to be free
Tibet - freed from Chinese rule
Uyghurstan - under Chinese rule
West Papua - freed from Indonesian rule
Zanzibar - allied/ common market with Tanzania
New political parties for existing countries

Updated Diplomatic Relations

Updated Country Information

Updated EHE

-Using revised data from Yahoo and jjwalker''s EHE Mods (EHE13, and Dissension)
1) Countries should change government and internal laws more often
2) Countries should build more units and make more treaties
A complete list of changes (including the scenario) is included in the ReadMe

Compilation version 1.7b

Includes KGB's Chechnya, MultiMod1.2b, and Infantry Mod 4.0
-Removed scenario from 1.65b

What's New?
Infantry Types
Updated Government Types
Slighty Edited EHE
Covert Ops for new countries
Updated Flags for every country
A New Feature
Some Minor Changes

American Samoa
Aland Islands
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Netherland Antilles
Islamic Emirate of Waziristan
-removed Uyghurstan
-removed Nanngroe Aceh Darussalem

Added a Union of___ and ___ for...
American Samoa; United States
Aland Islands; Finland
Bermuda; United Kingdom
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the United States of America
Netherland Antilles; Netherlands
Hong Kong; China
Montenegro; Serbia
Zanzibar; Tanzania
Isle of Man; United Kingdom
Greenland; Denmark
The Union of... treaty includes the following:
Economic Partnership
Cultural Exchange
Common Market
Economic Aid from the "parent" nation

Region Security System (RSS)- Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, St. Kitts, St.Lucia, and St.Vincent
x2 Andorra Defense Treaty- Andorra and France, Andorra and Spain
Marshall Islands Defense Treaty- Marshall Islands and United States
Nauru Defense Treaty- Nauru and Australia
Palau Defense Treaty- Palau and United States
Samoa Defense Treaty- Samao and New Zealand
United States now has an alliance with the following countries- Egypt, Argentina, Bahrain, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Jordan, Morocco, and Pakistan

Weapon Trades:
Pacific Patrol Boat Program (PPBP)- Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Fiji, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Marshall Islands, and Vanatu

Military Trespass:
France-Djibouti Military Treaty

Cultural Exchange:
World Customs Organization (WCO)- over 150 members

New Infantry types:
French Foreign Legion- Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Dijibouti, and France
Gurkhas- Nepal, United Kingdom, and Brunei
Gendarmerie Nationale- France
Janjaweed Militia- Sudan
Hong Kong Police Force
Finish Frontier Guard
Latvian State Boarder Guard
Lithuanian State Boarder Guard
Polish Boarder Guard
Romanian Boarder Police
Russian Boarder Guard
Ukrainian State Boarder Guard
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Al-Qaeda Insurgents- Waziristan
Philippines Marine

Updated Government Types:
Changed Monarchy to Absolute Monarchy
Malaysia- Single Party Democracy
Eritrea- Single Party Democracy
Waziristan- Theocracy
Laos- Communist
Vietnam- Communist
Cuba- Communist
China- Communist

Political Parties for every new nation
Covert Ops for every new nation
New Feature!
Replaced Climate Box with Background box, giving a description for every nation.
Minor Changes?
Russian Federation should now have 6 Class III Subs, 3 Class IV Subs, and 2 Typhoon Class Nuclear Submarines.
A few country names have been abbreviated to allow the entire name to fit on screen
Tibet is only the Tibetan Autonamous Region, Qinghai was transferred back to China

Corporate version 1.0
CSA version 1.0

This mod adds the confederate states of america into the game.
They have the same level of technology as the USA and also have nuclear weapons.
They can build the same units as the USA aswell.
They are also in Nato and relations are neutral with all countrys.
They have the same political partys as the USA: Republican Pary and Democratic Pary.
Thanks To Ruges (EHE 1.1 mod) and Yahoo (1.4 infantry mod) using Sevens (infantry mod).

Debt Free Mod version 1.4

-Debt Free Mod removes the starting debt from all nations in order to make it easier to begin building up your nation. It should also increase the initial playability of both single-player and multi-player games. Debt Free Mod is based off of vanilla Superpower 2 1.4, and only the starting debt of all nations has been changed. Everything else is unmodified.

Change Log
-Version 1.0: Initial release. Removed starting debt from all nations.
-Version 1.1: Added the signature to the modinfo file to address some issues.
-Version 1.2: Added documentation.
-Version 1.3: Changed from the “proper” mod packaging format to the “bad” mod packaging format in order to increase compatibility with players that do not have Debt Free Mod installed.
-Version 1.4: Repackaged into an installer that automatically reverts changes upon uninstall.

-Debt Free Mod is distributed under Ray's License Version 2 (rayslicense2.txt)

-The Debt Free Mod installer is based off of the Debt Free Mod Installation Script, which is Copyright 2009 President Ray - http://www.pr.us.to.
-Kudos to Pezz for helping me figure out the GL Editor

Earth version 2.8
Авторы:Hawkwind, Ronald Reagan, Entregador Liskal

Start year 2006

New countries:
-East Timor
-North Cyprus
-Puerto Rico
-The Shiite Republic of Iraq

Political Parties:
-China-Chinese Republican Party
-China-Chinese Liberal Party
-China-Communist Revival Party
-Cuba-Conservative Party
-Cuba-Liberal Party
-Iraq-Iraqi Progressive Party
-Iraq-Iraqi Conservative Front
-Vietnam-Vietnamese Freedom Party
-Vietnam-Vietnamese Liberal Party
-Saudi Arabia-Saudi Liberal Party
-Saudi Arabia-Saudi Conservative Party
-Jordan-Jordan Worker's Party
-Jordan-Jordani Republican Party
-United Arab Emerates-Progressive Party of The United Arab Emerates
-United Arab Emerates-Conservative Party
-Tonga-Thai Democratic Party
-Tonga-Conservative Party of Thailand
-Democratic Rep. of the Congo-Congoese Democratic Party
-Democratic Rep. of the Congo-Congoese Freedom Front
-Libya-Lybian Heritage Party
-Libya-Lybian Freedom Party
-North Korea-People's Progressive Party
-North Korea-North Korean Freedom Front
-Sudan-Sudani Peace Party
-Sudan-Nationalist Party of Sudan
-Syrian-Syrian People's Freedom Front
-Syrian-Syrian Liberal Party
-Iran-Iranian Progress Party
-Iran-Conservative Party of Persia
-Somalia-Somalian Freedom Party
-Somalia-Somalian Republican Party
-Afghanistan-Afghani Republican Party
-Germany-National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI)
-USA-Green Party
-USA-Nazi Party of The United States
-East Timor-Timor Republican Party-Timor Peace Party-Timor Action Front-Timor Communist Party- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Royal Family of Timor-Timor Military-Timor Religious Leaders-Timor Militants
-Somaliland-Somali Independance Party-Somali Liberal Party-Freedom Party-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Royal Family of Somaliland- Somali Military-Somali Religious Leaders-Somali Militants-
-Puntland-People's Freedom Front-Puntland Conservitave Party-Lerana'h saw-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Puntland Royal Family-Puntland Military-Puntland Religious Leaders-Puntland Militants
-North Cyprus-Turkish Democracy for Cyprus-Unity Front-Liberal Party of North Cyprus-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Royal Family of North Cyprus-Turkish Military-Turkish Religious Leaders-Greek Militants
-Puerto Rico-Puerto Rican Independance-Security for Puerto Rico-Growth and Prosperity-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Royal Family of Puerto Rico-Puerto Rican Military-Puerto Rican Religious Leaders-Puerto Rican Militants
-Kurdistan-Kurdish Religious Leaders-Kurdish Military-Royal Family of Kurdistan-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- Independance for Kurdistan-Kurdish Democratic Union-Conservative Party of Kurdistan
-Sunnistan-Sunni Religious Leaders-Sunni Military-Sunni Royal Leaders-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-Democracy for Sunnistan- Republican Party of Sunnistan-Freedom Coalition of Sunnistan
-The Shiite Republic of Iraq-Shiite Religious Leaders-Shiite Military-Shiite Royal Family-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- United Coalition-Independant Democratic Unity-Conservative Party of The Shiite Republic

-USA/Iraq-Iraqi-American Free Trade Rights (IR-AM)
-USA/Afghanistan-Afghanistani-American Free Trade Rights (AF-AM)
-USA/Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan-Central Asian Treaty Organization (CATO)
-Kuwait/USA-Kuwaiti Protection Pact
-Philippines/USA-Philipine Protection Pact
-Japan/USA-Japanese Tresspass Right
-South Korea/USA-South Korea Protection Pact
-Taiwan/USA-Taiwanese Protection Pact
-Japan/USA-Japan-America Weapon's Trade

Tonga-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Infantry units:
All countries-Rocket Infantry
All countries-Marines
USA-Special Forces
France-Foreign Legion
China-Red Guard
Janpan-Republican Guard
Canada-Joint Task Force 2

Earth version 2.9
Авторы:Hawkwind, Ronald Reagan, Entregador Liskal, Yahoo

New Gov Types:
Theocratic State
Military State
Paternal Autocracy
Communist State
Facist State
Democratic State

Thai/Tongan Parties Corrected
Latin moved from Zimbabwe to Vatican City
Latin made official language for Holy See
Roman Catholic made Official in Holy See
The LDS Church made Official in Tonga
Added The Communist Party of The United States with 0.18% Support
Made The Nazi Party of The United States hold only 0.12% Support
Made Christian Illegal in Sudan
Made Groznyy, Russia (city in Chechenskaya)

'The' Gambia
'The' Holy See

Sahara (SAH)
[Saguia del Hamra, Rio de Oro]
Chechnya (CHY)
[Chechnya, Ingush, Dagestan]

Saharan Religious Rulers
Saharan Military
Royal Family of Sahara
The Communist Party
Independance for Sahara
Liberal Freedom Front
Conservative Coalition

Chechnyan Religious Rulers
Chechnyan Military
Royal Family of Chechnya
The Communist Party
Democracy for Chechnya
The Chechnyan Communist Party
United Liberal Left
Conservative Freedom Front

Euro MultiMOD
Авторы:SDK Yahoo/BBR
EuroPower version 1.0

Country: European Union
All current Members of the EU are now as one country, The European Union all military forces including nukes in europe are now under EU control ranking it 2nd to the USA.
Capital City: Brussels

Political Parties:
Conservative And Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party
EU National Alliance
Liberal Democrats
Labor Party
EU National Party
Republican Party
Social Democratic And Labor Party
Ulster Unionist Party

Infantry units:
Includes Infantry Mod v4.0 - allows you to create and name your own Infantry units

Country names:
Gaza Strip and West Bank changed to Palestine
Burma changed to Myanmar

EuroPower version 1.1

Romania and Bulgaria have join the EU
The EU is now ranked first in ground forces.
-More unit designs taken from france and some other countries within the EU, and added to the EU design list.

Country: European Union
All current Members of the EU are now as one country, The European Union all military forces including nukes in europe are now under EU control ranking it 2nd to the USA.
Capital City: Brussels

Political Parties:
Conservative And Unionist Party
Democratic Unionist Party
EU National Alliance
Liberal Democrats
Labor Party
EU National Party
Republican Party
Social Democratic And Labor Party
Ulster Unionist Party

Infantry units:
Includes Infantry Mod v4.0 - allows you to create and name your own Infantry units

Country names:
Gaza Strip and West Bank changed to Palestine
Burma changed to Myanmar

Evolution version 1.0
Авторы:John Shadow